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I have never used payday loans before and was in two minds about such kind of service. I was in doubts about the rates and the term of the repayment... however, when my car got broken and I needed it to be fixed as soon as possible, there seemed to be no other option. I am glad now that I applied as I got the loan really fast and there was no trouble with the repayment at all. I can recommend it to everyone. - Gina

I liked it that the whole thing took just a day. There is no other loan option like this - they do not make any hassle and I got my cash right the next morning. I can't say it is cheap; however, you won't find anything that works faster. - Will M.

I do not like borrowing and I do not have a credit card. However, as they say, never say never and last month I had to rely on this lending website. I have to say that I was impressed by speed they response and the attention; and general level of service. I got the amount I requested in about several hours and I even repaid it earlier that it was due. Surely, this is NOT an option to cover your everyday needs; but again, I have to say, I am glad that I came across this website, their payday loan was really handy and timely. - Jim

I would not recommend this loan, they charge too much of an interest.

From my experience with several payday lenders, they are mostly similar in terms of rates. Do not expect anything cheap - this is not your credit card or any other bank loan. I learned it in a hard way. Still, they are the fastest money you can ever get; if you need it really fast. - Emma

Thanks a lot for the loan. I was sure I would be rejected with my bad credit as I always am. However, they seem not to care about such things, which is just GREAT. - Amber