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What is a payday loan?

Under the term of a payday loan is understood a small cash loan given for a short period of time. The amount can range between $100 and $1000 and the maximum amount depends on the state (as well as the amount of interest).

What is a payday loan meant for?

Payday loan is presupposed for various emergency situations when a person appears in need of fast cash. Such short-term loans are specially designed to help people to cover some unplanned expenses and financial issues. They are easy to get and the whole process of application takes little time that which makes online payday loans a very convenient lending option.

How to learn if I qualify?

In order to get a payday loan a borrower has to meet the following requirements:

What is a maximum amount?

The maximum loan amount varies from state to state and so does the amount of interest rate. In general, first-time applicants are eligible for loans from $100 to $1000.

How do I get the loan?

The application process is very simple. First you fill in the application form. Then you get the approval and the money is transferred directly to your checking account.

How to get a payday loan without a checking account?

In order to get an online payday loan a borrower needs to have an active checking account as this is the requirement and a way for the money to be deposited. In case you do not have a checking account you can try in-store loan option.

Do I qualify if I have bad credit?

We accept all the customers with no regards to the state of their credit history. Whether a borrower's credit is good or bad, they are still eligible for a loan.

How fast can I get a payday loan?

Payday loan application process is very fast. As long as a lender receives the application, information verification takes place. If it is correct and you are approved (which is usually in half an hour at the most), the money is deposited directly to a borrower's checking account. It will take less than one business day.

Do you accept early repayments?

Yes, you can repay early, if it is suitable to you. If this to be the case, feel free to contact our customer service.